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The Quickstart Challenge

The Quickstart Challenge

by Josen Ruiseco
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Okay… so it’s time to get real about making money online and growing my online business.

After years and years of trying to create the “Laptop Lifestyle” where I can travel the world and run my business from my laptop and only have to work 15 mins per day… I’ve figured out that this objective is pretty much B.S. and everyone who says they’re doing it is lying to me.

So now I’ve jumped on board with two fantastic coaches to participate in the Quickstart Challenge of 2018 with Dean Holland and Craig Crawford. This is a program that is designed to show its participants “for real” what it takes to create and grow an online business. The program consists of five weeks of one session per week follow up by a questions and answers session each week. Those topics of those trainings are as follows:

Week 1 – Six Figure Foundations

Week 2 – Big Cash Fast

Week 3 – List Building Engine

Week 4 – Auto Income Machine

Week 5 – Free Traffic Tap

Over the course of the five weeks, I will be blogging about my experience and the various things being taught. So stay tuned and please check back each week to see more.

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